Leander Miendardus Knust lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is currently superintendent of Amorphic Robot Work's Robotic Church as part of an indefinite residency experiment invented by Leander and Chico, Amorphic Robot Work's founder and head artist. Recently Leander was the director of Fat City, a flux residency based in a peculiar Chicago storefront.

Amorphic Robot Works

Fat City


Fascinated by growth and decay, I employ processes that document the slowest of changes and showcase constant ephemera. I view materials as potential components for systems of physical poetry; in which associations are challenged, purposes misaligned, and substances reconsidered. Sculptural and sound encompassing works meditate on learned dispositions to the ever changing nature-culture divide. I wonder what things can become when their category is stripped, their value redefined, and their worth hacked to abstraction.

Past Statements


BFA, The School of the Art Institute 2015

Exhibitions and Performances

2017 – Exhibition – Emerging Artist's, Salem Art Works, Salem, NY
2017 – Exhibition – Work in Progress, Christie's Auction House, Chicago, IL
2017 – Exhibition – Hiding in Plain Sight, Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago, IL
2016 – Exhibition – Poking Holes in the Ceiling, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI
2016 – Exhibition – In the Company of Flowers, Kruger Gallery, Chicago, IL
2016 – Exhibition – for no space, The Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL
2016 – Exhibition – Luminarts, Union League Club, Chicago, IL
2015 – Exhibition – The Archer Ballroom, Chicago, IL
2015 – Exhibition – SAIC Spring BFA show, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL
2015 – Performance – Kruger Gallery, Chicago, IL
2015 – Performance – Slumber Room, Chicago, IL
2014 – Performance – Pinky Swear, Chicago, IL
2014 – Performance – Fat City, Chicago, IL
2013 – Performance – The Archer Ballroom, Chicago, IL


Current – Amorphic Robot Works
2017 – Salem Art Works – Salem, NY
2016 – Carpool – Chicago-Milwaukee
2016 – Rose Raft, New Douglas, IL
2016 – 2017 - HATCH, Chicago Artists Coaltion, Chicago, IL
2015 – 2017 – Fat City, Chicago, IL