This series of armatures considers the system by which the work comes to be in tandem with the work itself. These self-referential sculptures remind the viewer of movement, space, time, and material history while exploring the deeper nuances of their source subject.


Armature for a Case of Lilies, 2016
Water lilies, railroad tie, glass, water, earth, silicone, fluorescent bulb, computer, cabinet clasps, electric wire, concrete boulder from demolition site, copper plated found pipe from demolition site, steel tubing, rubber feet

Armature for a Landscape Painting, 2016
Titanium white oil paint, water, fish tank, reclaimed oak trim, pudding stone tile, Sangean radio, electrical wire, FM transmitter, lichen, audio composition (train tracks in Chicago brownlands, barge, hiking the John Muer Trail) ---- The oil paint, once poured into the tank, slowly separates into oil and titanium powder. Over the course of about a month, stalactites and stalagmites constantly release until powder is on the bottom, and oil on the top. An FM radio transmitter from the gallery office transmits the composition on a loop.

Red Oak Burl Book, 2016
Red Oak burl, latex paint, birch ply, marine foam, galvanized piping, patch kit, hardware