Slough and Inherence Applied incorporate a series of sculptures produced through the transformation of wood from a single Ash tree. Emerald Ash-bore Beatles ate the bark in Slough off of the tree, leaving behind beautiful trails and a beautiful skin of bark. A segment of the same tree, from Inherence Applied, Study 3, also showcases these trails. The timber was cast, and recast, to alter it's material nature, playing a sort of material telephone that resulted in the generations of objects in the series. From wood, to foam, to porcelain, to painting, each new piece references it's last while gaining further distance from it's origin. The latex skin of the original cast is draped over Slough, joining their prior function into abstract composition.

I feel a kinship with both the Beatle and the process used. Consuming, changing, and changing, leaving beautiful trails on an all to bygone, generational Earth.


Slough, 2016
Ash bark, latex

Inherence Applied, study 3
Ash, marine foam, cadmium powder

Inherence Applied, study 4, 2016
Marine foam, cerulean powder, masking tape, plywood, hardware

Inherence Applied, study 7, 2016
Cast porcelain, tomato plant

Inherence Applied, study 10, 2017
Painting by Brad Stumpf