5 UFOs encircle the Rose Raft Residency in New Douglas Illinois as a permanent installation on the residency grounds.

Inspired by lore of the area, artist Samuel Ezra Fisch and I collaborated to produce mysterious objects that drift high in the tree tops of Rose Raft. The largest one, pictured below, remains easily observable from the fire place and kitchen window while the remaining 4 are only visible as chance glimmering glimpses around the property.

The main object employs the paranormal notion of the known-unknown to give resonant meaning to personally significant artifacts from Sam, myself, and Rose Raft founders Jessee Crane and Phillip Lesicko. Future residents are welcomed to climb the tree to hang their cherished items, adding to the assortment. The emblems strike random lengths of ornate brass piping to chime dissonant tones reminiscent of both commercial ufology and the subtle emotions they inspire within their artist. The remaining 4 UFOs draw a gut curiosity, granted you see them, or they see you.